Return & Refund

      When you receive the goods please check the goods we delivered. After receiving the goods we DO NOT APPLY warranty and return policy for the products.

  • For COD delivery method: If detecting counterfeit goods, defective goods, expiry date, no quality guarantee or damage due to the transportation process, ... Please do not receive the goods, no payment should be made for delivery staff.

  • For pre-payment : If you find counterfeit goods, defective goods, expire use, no quality guarantee or damage due to the shipping process, .. Please do not receive the goods. Make a record of the status of the goods, you and our forwarder sign the confirmation in writing. We bring the goods back.

      Based on actual condition of goods and the above report, we proceed to exchange other products for customers within 2 working days. If the customer no longer needs to use the product, we will refund 100% of the amount of money transferred by customers after 7 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, Tet holidays). If you have not received the money within 7 working days, please call the Hotline: 0906.396.708 to check the transfer status.
      We hope that the sales policy of the company will bring satisfaction and peace of mind when you buy products.